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Fall Flowers for your Garden

crisantemos-25761277439166HrDBThe fall season is almost here. If you plant flowers in your garden but are worried about the colder weather ruining your flowers, have no worries. There are a variety of gorgeous fall flowers to brighten up the season. Russo’s Landscaping has a list of gorgeous flowers for you to plant.

Asters: Even though asters are common in the Fall, the plants need some time to grow a root system before the ground freezes if you want them to come back in the spring. Plant asters as in early fall and keep them moist during any late hot days to help them settle. Asters are easy to take care of and thrive in in sunny locations. Colors: Blue, purple, red, pink, white

Chrysanthemum (Painted Daisy): Painted daisys have three inch beautiful white, yellow, red, and purple blooms with varying bands of other colors with a purple center. The annual Chrsyanthemum is an unforgettable flower that is easily grown from flower seeds. They are also easy to care for and they will re-seed themselves giving the garden another display of flowers the next year. Grow painted daisy’s in a rich, well-drained and moist soil with full sun. Colors: Pink, red, purple, yellow, gold, bronze, white

Helenium: Plant Helenium flowers in average soil. Don’t fertilize them too much since they flower better with little feeding. Heleniums are great for gardens in areas where they are indigenous, and they gorgeous in bouquets. The soil should be fertile with a substantial amount of organic manner in the form of compost, manure or other decayed organic matter. Heleniums should be planted in full sun and moist soil with good drainage.  Colors: yellow, gold, red

Hemerocallis (Daylily): Many daylilies survive with little attention, but they will grow and flower better if they are given regular water and well-drained soil. Daylilies grow vigorously, help suppress weeds, and are generally free from pests and disease. They thrive in full sun or light shade and can tolerate many types of soils. Dalily’s also rank high on the list of plants resistant to insects and diseases. Colors: Yellow, gold, red, pink, purple, white

Malva (Mallow): Mallows require a good amount of sun. They grow well in average soil as long as it’s well drained. Although they don’t last quite as long, these flowers are easy to take care of. Mallows are gorgeous in bloom but can self-sow, sometimes to the point of becoming weedy. Luckily, there’s an easy way to keep them in check by simply snipping off the flower stalks. Colors: Pink, blue, purple, white